With a great recommendation from the Swiss Embassy in Budapest, I was privileged to host 8 Swiss gentleman for a half day CurioCity programme in our beautiful capital on the first real sunny day of the year. We started our day on a speedboat on our beautiful river for about a whole hour. While enjoying the sun, the breeze and the speed we even bumped into a desperate boatman whose motorengine gave up and was floating down with the river, further and further away from the “mother ship”. After saving his life by trailing him back with our beautiful speedboat now we could lay back and enjoy, knowing we are done with our daily charity 🙂


As good guys go to Heaven I took them up to the Castle to see the most beautiful church with of the city and walked around the area while having a look of the beautiful view over the city.

Look but it wasn’t just the view which was stunning 😉


After the “exhausting” programme all of us got hungry and we were driven to the restaurant where my favourite Hungarian writer’s famous waiter-character works himself 🙂 Not just the view was unforgettable but this way the service, the wine and all the 3 courses including the crispy duck confit with braised red cabbage.


But because all of us likes wines and because I was the Hungarian embassador for this day, I had to prove my guests that Hungarian wine indeed deserves to be in in a leading position of international competing scene … so we also did not miss the chance to taste 6 different excellent wines in the tasting restaurant of an internationally acknowledged, many times prize winner winery.



21st May 2016.