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Unique culinary programs in Budapest

Do you like eating? Are you interested in cooking? While you are in Budapest, come, cook together or take part in our wine tasting or private dining programs, taste our traditional Hungarian or Jewish dishes and meet our family members as well. Learn about the origin of dishes and drinks as well as their preparation and have a look at how we live. Learn about our culture and customs that determine our everyday life. Our programs: Cooking course (3-course Hungarian or Jewish menu, 4-hour cooking program in small group, good atmosphere cooking together with a lot of interesting informations, all the ingredients, guidance), Market tour with cooking (more than 5-hours culinary program, cooking course is combined with market tour, food tasting, 3-course Hungarian or Jewish menu and interesting information and stories about ingredients, our customs), Wine tasting (During this program you can taste different kind of wines from region, you have chosen and we can provide an authentic Hungarian 4-course dinner or Hungarian bites along with, which is perfectly complemented by the wines). Private dining (unique pop-up restaurant, delicious Hungarian or Jewish dishes, lunch or dinner, common meals, chatting and friendly atmosphere).
Be our guest in heart of Budapest!

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“Hello Everyone!

I moved back home to Hungary in 2010 after spending 20 years of my life in Germany, to continue my studies and to pursue my photo-related dreams. Once I was a fan of motion picture but thanks to one colleague of mine I had become captured by photography instead. One of the main reasons is that I never have two same days or two same themes to work on and this is what keeps me going in my art. Obviously photography is very subjective and is very much depending on everyone’s different taste. Exactly this is the reason why I accept both criticism and love towards my photos.

I was also so lucky that I could shoot hard to get buildings as well. This has become one of my passions so I picked this topic for one of my photo exhibitions in 2012 that was held in the water tower on Margaret Island. This is one of those exhibitions I am still very proud of today. My art has been acknowledged several times by prizes and different titles. For instance the latest is the Grand Prix of the Metropol Photo Challenge in 2015.”