A family from California travelled over the Ocean to explore the roots of Americans and of the parents in the beautiful Europe. A Polish mom and a Hungarian-rooted dad with their two beautiful boys with blond hair decided to explore this part of the World a little bit.

To make sure that the boys will enjoy the sightseeing as well, I picked them up with two rickshaws and we raced through the whole city 🙂 Apparently not just the kids enjoyed it 😉


We had visited the ’56 monument, driven on both Avenues of Budapest, crossed the city centre, seen the Opera House, the Basilica, the Chain Bridge and the Great Synagogue as well. Riding the rickshaws we had lot of fun and me as a tour guide had a great chance to show a lot of things while going.


Naturally we didn’t miss the most popular contemporary piece of the city neither, so we took a photo with the Little Princess as well and learnt the touching story of little Eve.


Finally, right after we had seen the most beautiful Holocaust monument of the city in the shape of a weeping willow tree, we had a very surrealistic experience. Just starting our way from the backyard of the Synagogue, we ran into Géza Röhrig, Saul himself, who had just won the Oscars this year in the category of the best foreign language movie.


After all we felt complete…

Hope to see all of you again!


19th June

(More info about our rickshaw tours HERE)