Brian dropped me a mail months ago that he read about me in the Guardian article and would like to book a tour with me on the special occasion that he and his wife are visiting Budapest on their one year-delayed honeymoon and they would like to have a walking-tour with me to get an introduction to Budapest on their first day at their first time here.

Finally I parked up with 3 bicycles in front of their rented apartment at 2 pm, 14th of July. I waited them with 2 heart-shaped marzipan bonbons placed on the saddle of their bicycles. When they came down, I IMMEDIATELY knew that they gonna be so fun. . . and of course they were! I also very much appreciated that they seem to form a perfect couple and this has such a nice feeling when you are with people who match so well. Simply good to see! 🙂

B+Akicsi As our first stop we looked through the buildings at Kodály Körönd and wondered all how it is possible to have such beautiful buildings left abandoned. After also getting to know who really was Kodály himself, we carried on to Heroes’ Square and to the City Park. Naturally we didn’t miss the most romantic spot of the area neither, so we explored the Vajdahunyad Castle and its surroundings too.

After elaborately exploring the area we cycled back towards the centre and seen the sights on the Avenue, like the House of Terror, the Opera House and went to see also the Basilica, where we naturally couldn’t pass by the legendary police statue without rubbing his belly to bring us luck as well as his moustache that guarantees luck in your love life too 😉


Finally we had to see the river before turning back that impressed us so much that we felt like that was the crown on top of the day.. and indeed it was with the Parliament building, the most beautiful jewel of the whole city.

We finally all got so thirsty that I invited the happy couple for a drink in one of the most popular ruin bars among locals. A non-touristy one fit into our day perfectly where we spent an hour at least in such a pleasant company. I gave them recommendations, and booked also a table for them for their dinner straight after the tour.

I hope to see you soon again ANDREA & BRIAN!

I am sure that they will always look so cute on all photos like the first one that I received from Brian during the e-mailing we spent 🙂

Brian Cotlove and Andrea

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14th of July