Roger Protz – the Beer Maestro :)

I got a phone call at 11.30 PM one night not long ago… a friend of mine, Dani was calling who I hadn’t spoke for ages and called me from a new first I didn’t even want to answer especially because of the late hour..who knows who calls, you know… 😉

The question was: “Can you come to Élesztő tommorow at 9AM.?” – Well, me I was like: – ‘What???’ Does he not remember that I am not such a person who would wake up so early without planning or preparing for it minimum 24hrs before?! If it would have been 11AM, well would be no problem at all…any late notice… but then..(!)…the keyword was said out loud: “Craft beer”. He explained to me that they have a guest here in Budapest at the moment, called Roger Protz, some beer expert whom even Wikipedia lists, so ‘Look him up!’ and ‘Be here at Élesztő at 9AM!’

Well, honestly I have to tell you that the mentioned online enciclopedia did definitely not made me interested more into him, but when I found his blog on the web, that did catch my imagination. Found too many interesting articles and references to him, and eventhough now it sounds like the reason why I woke up next morning…it wasn’t! Simply the love devoted my job and to beer of course! 😉

So I took him around in Budapest with the old jeep to be able to show him the most of the city within one day! It was his real first day in town and he seemed to me very grateful for this all. We even tasted some truly new craft beers while having our lunch before continuing to our afternoon session 😉

All in all it was a great pleasure to meet him and guide him around our beloved capital city. I would have never thought that I can happily wake up – unplanned – at 9 AM after a phone call at close to midnight? No way! 😉 Just in real special cases 🙂

Here you can read his article on his visit and find us as a reference at the end.

Thanks for coming to Budapest, Mr. Protz!

?Coming Soon ?

?Coming Soon ?


Can you believe that the cold dark winter days are gone? Do you feel like for a little sun? Let’s climb the mountains, let’s go over the clouds! If you’ve seen the City just stay with us … soon our Moto Tour comes!






9th March, 2017