From San Diego where one day I must go!

From San Diego where one day I must go!

Gail came alone all the way long from San Diego to board a cruise ship and see a little more of life on the European continent. Thanks to that Budapest is a departing and final destination of the cruise lines at the same time, she had just started her cruise, but before that all, she booked a Jewish tour through Viator with us.

The same day when she landed I already met her and picked her up from the hotel. She was waiting for me in the lobby and as the sun shined through the glass doors of the hotel, I could see her wondering while she was waiting for me. I knew it was her from far outside. I had the feeling that this kind faced lady was Gail herself…

It turned out very soon that never visiting a synagogue and not knowing much about judaism was her inspiration to get a little more familiar with this religion. She couldn’t have picked a more beautiful city and synagogues to start with.

How lucky! This way the first synagogue experience of hers ever was the Dohány temple, which is one of the largests in the World and the biggest one in Europe, what’s more, all of the visitors say that the most beautiful too! … Well, I don’t know but me, I can’t enough of it.


We had also seen the two other  historical synagogues together where I told a lot about the two other branches of judaism born in the XIXth century…

One is more beautiful than the other!

The ruiny Rumbach is my favorite of all,


while the orthodox synagogue is not just unique because of its remarkable Art Nouveau decoration but also because orthodox synagogues are normally never opened to the public.


We also sneaked into one of the old building’s courtyard to see behind the scenes and to see how people keep their residence and maintain their everyday life.


Then we had a jewish pastry together and had a little chat as well 🙂


And finally we also remembered the Second World War by visiting the old wall of the Great Budapest Ghetto inside the courtyard of another old building in the area never to forget the times when the famous Jewish Quarter was not the scene of endless parties, but senseless massacre…


27th of September