I would have never expected a 9-year-old little boy to be interested in architecture and to be able to hold on for more than 6 hours (!) on a Private Art Nouveau Tour. Little Pasah was opened and interactive enough to carry on this long, although from time to time he needed a little motivation of course 🙂

2016-03-28 14.42.22

So during the tour we stopped for a second to buy a Kürtőskalács (chimney cake as the English language named it) for him. Have you ever tasted the delicious Hungarian “street sweet”? Well Pasah could tell you more about it 🙂


We also had to try Lángos because Aldi was very much attracted to it from the first moment he saw it in someone’s hand already at the beginning of the tour. Like father like son, we had to taste that too.


Apart from the gastronomical joys I have shown them all the beautiful art nouveau, secessionist and jugendstil buildings and residences to see how this style had captivated  and then soon after ruled the whole city’s architecture withing a decade.

2016-03-28 14.30.22

Naturally we have visited a lot of buildings from inside as well. I love to show the behind scenes to my guests because there are always hidden secrets left inside the jewelry boxes! We explored the art nouveau face of the city together because a door left open can also show us new things. It was like a city adventure together with the lovely Indonesian family.


Hope to see you all again and that one day I can wear a dress designed by Rani.
To see her magnificent creations click on her website! (Pontential danger for ladies! 😉 )






What could be a nicer private tour than to take around mother and son on their last full day of their Budapest visit?

Danny and his Mom were not everyday tourists at all. You could tell that they desired something more local experience so after they had been on my tour in the Synagogue, they asked for a private walk in Budapest for the next day.
We met front of the Parliament and started our tour at the Shoes Memorial down at the riverbank as a continuation of our former day topic.
Once we remember the victims of the Jewish Holocaust we must remember the victims of ’56 too on a site like Kossuth Sq. with the Parliement building! An underground memorial room and all the stories brought Danny and his Mom a bit closer to Hungarian history already than a guide book could tell. To complete the (hi)story the neighbouring Liberty Sq. was still a missing piece so there we jumped back into XXth cent. history for the last time.

With a sharp switch I have shown my tourists the other side of the coin and a secret that only birds can see…


So now that we walked around 3 hours we all needed some rest so we popped into a smaller market for a real good Lángos – nothing like that in the Great Market Hall, but far better than that!


And to place the crown on the tour I invited Danny and his Mom to one of my favourite cafés, which is more than a regular café…


After a little chit-chat we took a panorama tram ride on the riverbank to show them finally the favourite bridge of CurioCity Budapest.. Danny and his Mom knows already which one it is, do you?


Finally we said goodbye in the Great Market Hall to see what regular tourists do… 😀

Danny 02

Hope to meet them again!




‘Who is  ’The Greatest Hungarian’? Who called him first like that?’ or ‘What kind of animals are guarding the Chain Bridge? What is the legend about them?’ or ‘Which is the oldest and most famous church of Budapest? What is sitting on top of it?’


The little primary school students all knew the answers for all these questions by the end of the tour. Do you? Would you also like your students to be so knowledgable while having fun on a city tour by bus? Would you also like to see their smiling faces once answering a question correct? Would you like to see their curiousity? Then join us as well to learn a bit!


Last Saturday CurioCity Budapest had its first class trip for Hungarian students by bus. It was amazing to see how interested kids are about their own capital and how much they understand of an English-speaking tour guiding.

A nice way to make kids enjoy their beautiful capital and practice English at the same time! 😉



The Multifaceted Jewish District Where Everyone Has Fun- Very enjoyable tour with a family with four children from Amsterdam

On the 2nd of March we had a beautiful Dutch family as our guest on a tour that took place mainly in the Jewish quarter and that included, apart from Jewish history and the main synagogues, the entertaining district-aspect of this part of Pest. Mural paintings, visiting the most famous ruin pub of the city where children can find something to play with in the big courtyard and the endless number of interesting and funny objects that decorate the place (better to take them there in the afternoon, though…). We couldn’t leave out the small but pretty playground on Kazinczy -Király Street corner, and to enjoy a nice coffee in a little café on Madách square. We had a great time!

Thank you guys! Hope to see you again one day!