Birthday on Valetine’s Day

Do you know why is it the best to have your Birthday on Valentine’s Day? Because your girlfriend will think of something even more romantic than normal. . .
<3 😉 <3
. . . and CurioCity Budapest realizes it all.

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2016-02-14 20.01.39

2016-02-14 20.16.00

2016-02-14 20.53.51


Walk-n-Bike, Classical-n-Bohemian Combo Tour on the 12th of February

We had great fun with our guests from Germany this Friday! We started out at the National Museum and had a nice walk in the Palace District area. Beautiful villas and apartment houses that tell us endless stories and legends about the aristocracy that had them constructed in the second half of the eighteen hundreds. Arriving to the Seventh District, the bohemian and artistic spot of Budapest we refreshed ourselves in the most spectacular ruin pub of the city, which used to be a furnace factory in the old days. It was time to hop on our bikes and have a pleasant ride in the City Park. We love you Budapest! Thank you guys for letting us sharing all this with you! We had a great time! come back soon!







The coolest Sauna on Earth

Have you ever been in a mobile sauna before? Well you can check it out this year on the Citadel on Gellért Hill with a perfect, stunning view. This is the third year that Valyo Association operates the coolest thing for sauna – lovers: a bus with a sauna equipped with a cold shower and a dressing room. Offer your love or your friends (up to 6 people) a special treat and surprise them with a great fun. All you need to bring is your own towel and flip-flops and you are ready to relax. This time for a bus ticket you will get much more than a simple ride!

For more info click on to the official website of the Valyo Group.